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A Century of Posters A Century of Posters by Martijn F. Le Coultre, Alston W. Purvis
The book comprises of color illustrations of more than 400 international posters dating from the 1880s to the 1980s that Martijn Le Coultre selected from his own personal collection. A short section illustrating Le Coultre's "personal choices" by theme (such as travel, film, and the Olympics) is followed by a longer section of illustrations in roughly chronological order. Most illustrations have short, basic descriptions.
Published in 2002. Paperback. 448 pages. 8.5 x 6.7 in. $30.36. Order it through Amazon.com
Alain Weill - L'Afiche dans le Monde

History of the Poster by Josef Muller-Brockmann
History of the Poster, co-written by Josef and Shizuko Müller-Brockmann, is a landmark account of one of the most prolific visual traditions of our culture. Originally published in 1971, this seminal study is clearly written and richly illustrated. Now reprinted by Phaidon Press, History of the Poster is an essential read for anyone intrigued by this most modern medium.

Hardcover. 244 pages. $26.37. Order it through Amazon.com.

Alain Weill - L'Afiche dans le Monde B132. L'Affiche Dans Le Monde by Alain Weill.
A worldwide and by many considered to be the foremost survey of the history of the poster. "A splendid, lucid, and handsome book." [Milton Glaser] 400 pages, over 650 illustrations, many in color. Extensive biographies of leading poster artists.
Out of print. Hardcover. Text in French. 10 x 9 in. $89. Recommended!
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design_woa.gif (3144 bytes) Graphic Design : A Concise History (World of Art) by R. Hollis.

Published in 1985. Nice, inexpensive introduction! $4. Order it used through Amazon.com.

The Poster in History The Poster in History by Max Gallo

A profusely illustrated survey of posters from the French Revolution to the present. Over 450 posters are reproduced here, 250 in full color.

Published in 2002. Paperback. 352 pages. 11 x 9 in. $26.95. Order it through Amazon.com

berman.gif (9440 bytes) Graphic Design in the Mechanical Age : Selections from the Merrill C. Berman
by Deborah Rothschild, Ellen Lupton and Darra Goldstein.

Drawing on a spectacular private collection of twentieth-century posters, ads, photomontages, and graphic ephemera, this book showcases more than two hundred examples of progressive graphic design from the 1920s and 1930s. The selections represent the work of Soviet, European, and American avant- garde designers and artists who used the new technologies of mass production and distribution to market everything from salad oil to communism to the avant-garde itself.
206 pages. From $27.54. Recommended! Order it
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barnicoat.gif (4554 bytes) Posters: a Concise History by J. Barnicoat.

Published in 1985. Good and inexpensive introduction to poster art! From $6.95. Order it used through Amazon.com.

pj13.gif (3488 bytes) PJ - PlakatJournal - a bi-lingual journal on posters

A quarterly magazine dedicated to vintage and contemporary poster art. Was published in Germany from 1994 to 1998. 4 issues per year. Bach-up issues are available. 4 issues: $45 (previously $65). Complete set (20 issues): $175. Recommended!

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posterart.gif (12145 bytes) Poster Art (Design Library Series) by Stephen Knapp

Published in 19996. From $7.40. Order it used through Amazon.com.

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