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Masters of German Poster ARt B908. Masters of German Poster Art by Hellmut Rademacher
First American edition of this survey of German poster art. Abridged version of the German language edition "Das deutsche Plakat" by Rademacher. Includes 132 full-page color and b/w illustrations as well as short biographies of all important artists. Published in 1966.
Out-of-print, used copy, very good condition. Hardcover. 128 pages. 12 x 9.5 in. $90.
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schweiz_1.gif (9796 bytes) B116. Burkhard Mangold 1873 - 1950

Catalogue of the 1984 Zurich exhibition of this Swiss poster pioneer. 122 reproductions, 14 in color. Chronological listing of all poster works. Softcover. 48 pages. Text in German. 7-7/8 x 8-5/8 in. $30. Recommended!

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dfp_3_1.gif (2588 bytes) dfp_3_2.gif (4093 bytes) B108. Das frühe Plakat in Europa und den USA, Band III, Deutschland by Hoffmann, Malhotra, Pilipczuk, Prinz and Thon (eds.)
The early poster in Germany -- the most comprehensive reference works on the German poster before 1910. In 2 volumes: part I, 506 pages of text and annotations; part II, 5252 (!) small b/w poster. Hardcover. Text in German. 12-1/4 x 9 in. $240. Essential for the serious collector!

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Alain Weill - L'Afiche dans le Monde B132. L'Affiche Dans Le Monde by Alain Weill.
A worldwide and by many considered to be the foremost survey of the history of the poster. "A splendid, lucid, and handsome book." [Milton Glaser] 400 pages, over 650 illustrations, many in color. Extensive biographies of leading poster artists. Out of print.
Hardcover. Text in French. 10 x 9 in.
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MGM POsters Cover B903. MGM Posters. The Golden Years by Frank Miller
A decade-by-decade visual history of every film genre and virtually every movie star of Hollywood's Golden Age. The collection of breathtaking posters includes such classics as Ben Hur, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Wizard of Oz, Dr. Zhivago, The Thin Man, and
more. 260 illustrations, many in color.
Hardcover. Published in 1994. 12 x 9.5 in. $25.Order online or by fax!
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