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Otto Baumberger (Poster Collection) (German Edition) (Paperback)

Otto Baumberger (Poster Collection) (German Edition) by Martin Heller

Paperback. 95 pages. $22.76. Order it through Amazon.com.

100+3 Swiss Posters: Selected by Siegfried Odermatt

100+3 Swiss Posters: Selected by Siegfried Odermatt

Hardcover. 192 pages. $49.65. Order it through Amazon.com.

brockmann.gif (9919 bytes) Cappiello: The Posters of Leonetto Cappiello by Jack Rennert
Leonetto Cappiello is the Father of the Modern Poster. The largest and most authoritative collection of Cappiello’s work ever presented: 534 poster illustrations in full-color, many never before seen. Detailed appraisals and annotations accompany each poster, as well as biographical information and an insight into Cappiello's graphic method. 320 pages. Hardcover; text in English.
Published in 2004. Hardcover. 320 pages. 13 x 10 in. $60.
brockmann.gif (9919 bytes) Poster Collection 02: Donald Brun by Donald Brun
By thinking conceptually and self-confidently within the parameters of the marketplace, Swiss graphic designer and co-founder of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) Donald Brun revealed the dubious morality of the good and beautiful poster. Brun was born in 1909 and died in 1999.

Published in 2002. Paperback. 64 pages. 9.5 x 6.5 in. $20. Order it through Amazon.com.
Oberhuber: Plakate

Oberhuber: Plakate Posters Catalogue Raisonné (German Edition) by Stephan Ettl

Hardcover. 450 pages. $58.58. Order it through Amazon.com.

tanaka.jpg (4610 bytes) Rauschenberg Posters by Marc Gundel
One of the pioneers and leading exponents of Pop Art, Robert Rauschenberg has experimented with and often blurred the boundaries between a variety of media, such as painting, object art, photography, and print. His mature poster work from the 1970's onwards displays a dynamic technique of composition, often addressing the subject in a surprising, oblique manner. Rauschenberg employs a collage principle that lends and unusual irony to everyday images and photographs.

Published in 2001. Paperback. 96 pages. 12 x 9.75 in. From $28. Order it used through Amazon.com.
tanaka.jpg (4610 bytes) Tanaka Ikko: Graphic Master by Gian Carlo Calza

Published in 1998. From $71. Order it used through Amazon.com.

tschichold.gif (13469 bytes) Jan Tschichold: A Life in Typography by Ruari McLean, Elaine Lustig Cohen

Published in 1997. $28. Order it used through Amazon.com.

beall.gif (9785 bytes) Lester Beall : Trailblazer of American Graphic Design by R.R. Remington.

Published in 1996. $40.48. Order it through Amazon.com.

beggars.gif (9809 bytes) The Beggarstaff Posters : The Work of James Pryde and William Nicholson by C. Campbell.

Published in 1993. From $30. Order it used through Amazon.com.

biro.gif (3619 bytes) B102. Mihaly Biro (1896 - 1948) - Series International Poster Artists by Emil Horn

One of the best 'unknowns' in the history of graphic design and the political poster between the wars. Incl. a comprehensive biography and bibliography and a complete works' index. 112 pages, 280 illustrations, 70 in color. Text in German with an English translation supplement. 9-1/2 x 8-1/2 in. $40 Recommended! Currently unavailable.

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bradley.gif (6913 bytes) Will Bradley: His Graphic Art by Will Bradley, C. Hornung.

Published in 1974. $15.95. Order it through Amazon.com.

brockmann.gif (9919 bytes) Josef Muller-Brockmann: A Pioneer in Swiss Graphic Design by Lars Müller (ed.)

Published in 2000. 4th edition.

Recommended! $32.97. Order it through Amazon.com.

cheret.gif (3228 bytes) The Posters of Jules Cheret: 46 Full-Color Plates and an Illustrated Catalogue Raisonné by Lucy Broido. A wonderful and very inexpensive book on Cheret's poster work.

Recommended! $20.65. Order it through Amazon.com.

flagg.gif (4635 bytes) James Montgomery Flagg: Uncle Sam and Beyond by N. Steward.

Published in 1997. $9.95. Order it through Amazon.com.

goines.gif (12779 bytes) David Lance Goines Posters: 1970-1994 by David Lance Goines.

Published in 1994. From $40. Order it used through Amazon.com.

schweiz_1.gif (9796 bytes) B116. Burkhard Mangold 1873 - 1950

Catalogue of the 1984 Zurich exhibition of this Swiss poster pioneer. 122 reproductions, 14 in color. Chronological listing of all poster works. Softcover. 48 pages. Text in German. 7-7/8 x 8-5/8 in.

Recommended!  $30.

mucha.gif (15490 bytes) Alphonse Mucha : The Spirit of Art Nouveau by Victor Arwas, Jana A. Brabcova, Jean-Marie Bruson, Anna Dvorak.

Catalogue of the traveling exhibition. 355 illustrations, 205 in color. Art Nouveau in its finest expression.

Hardcover. 344 pages. $44.10. Order it through Amazon.com.

Alphonse Mucha (Hardcover)

Alphonse Mucha (Hardcover) by Sarah Mucha

This book is the first comprehensive overview of Mucha's life and work and is published in association with the Mucha Museum in Prague.

Hardcover. 160 pages. $26.40. Order it through Amazon.com.

lautrec.gif (5545 bytes) Great Lithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec: 89 Plates,Including 8 in Full Color by T.Griepp, M.Donson, Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, M. Griepp.

Published in 1984. $13.45. Order it through Amazon.com.

lautrec_woa.gif (5222 bytes) Toulouse-Lautrec (World of Art) by B. Denvir.

Published in 1991. $14.95. Order it through Amazon.com.

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