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Poster Appraisal Certificate

Air France This Appraisal report has been prepared to determine the Market and Replacement Values of personal property belonging to

Mr. John Doe
1234 B Street
San Francisco CA 94105

Issue Date

10 January 2003
Title Air France - Afrique Occidentale


Vincent Guerra
Year 1946
Size 40 x 25 in./100 x 62 cm
Printing Technique Lithograph
Printer Alépée et Cie., Paris
Condition (A-) minimal paper surface creasing and slight staining at the edges
Market Value* $700-$1000
Replacement Value** $1,500 - $1,800

In the last 3 years, other examples of this poster in similar condition have been offered at auction and have increased in price over time. Prices varied between $1,150 to $1,500. It is our opinion that this poster has a market value of $700 - $1,000 and a replacement value of $1,500 - $1,800.

(*sold for $1,150 at PosterConnection, Inc. in San Francisco in November 2000; $1,500 with one additional Air France poster of lesser value at Christie's London in May 2002 and $1,325 on Ebay in June 2002)


Limitations / Statement of Intent


PosterConnection, Inc. has no present or future interest in the purchase of the item(s) appraised below and has prepared this report for a fee of $9.95. This appraisal and our expert opinion is based solely on images and information supplied by our customer. Additional information may have been taken into account. This valuation takes into consideration specific factors influencing the value of the item(s) to be appraised. These factors include artist, design, age, rarity, condition and, if possible, comparable market prices.

* Market Value is the price range a person might receive when selling the poster to a dealer or at auction.

** Replacement Value is considered to be the cost of comparable items available for purchase in the original antique poster market or the amount one might reasonably pay to purchase such item from a poster dealer, gallery, etc.

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